Founded in 1995, R R Kabel Limited has been a trusted provider of consumer electrical products catering to residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructure needs. In this article we provide the information related to RR Kabel Ipo Gmp Today.


  1. Grey Market Premium (GMP): ₹300

The Grey Market is like a secret market where people guess how much more a new company’s shares will be worth when they are sold on the stock market. In the case of RR Kabel IPO, people are guessing that these shares will be worth ₹300 more than what they cost when they first come out. This means they’re very interested in buying these shares early.

  1. Kostak Rate: ₹400

The Kostak Rate is about how much people are willing to pay for the chance to buy shares of the RR Kabel IPO before they are officially available. In this case, they’re willing to pay ₹400 extra for this opportunity.

  1. Subject to Sauda Price: ₹6,000

Subject to Sauda Price is like the price people are talking about when they want to buy or sell shares of the RR Kabel IPO before they are officially available. Right now, they are saying the shares might be worth ₹6,000 in this unofficial market

  1. Expected Returns: 29%

Expected Returns mean how much money people think they might make if they buy RR Kabel IPO shares and they become more valuable. In this case, they hope to make 29% more money if the shares do well after they are sold.

It’s important to remember that these are not official numbers, and the real price of the shares can change. So, people should be careful and do their own research before deciding to invest.

The company operates in two primary segments, offering a wide range of solutions:

  1. Wires and Cables

Under this segment, RR Kabel delivers various types of wires and cables, including house wires, industrial wires, power cables, and specialized cables. These products are manufactured, marketed, and sold under the renowned ‘RR Kabel’ brand.

  1. Fast Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG)

The FMEG category comprises fans, lighting solutions, switches, and appliances. R R Kabel excels in designing and delivering highquality FMEG products, primarily marketed under the ‘Luminous Fans and Lights’ brand.


The R R Kabel IPO is set to make waves in the financial market. Here are the key details:

IPO Overview

 Issue Type: Book Built Issue IPO

 Total Issue Size: ₹1,964.01 Crores

 IPO Price Range: ₹983 to ₹1,035 per share

 IPO Date: September 13, 2023, to September 15, 2023

 Listing Date: [To Be Announced]

 Face Value: ₹5 per share

 Lot Size: 14 Shares

 Fresh Issue: 1,739,130 shares

 Offer for Sale: 17,236,808 shares of ₹5

 Employee Discount: ₹98 per share

 Listing Platforms: BSE, NSE


 QIB Shares Offered: Up to 50.00% of the Net Offer

 NII (HNI) Shares Offered: Not less than 15.00% of the Offer

 Retail Shares Offered: Not less than 35.00% of the Offer

 IPO Timetable (Tentative)

 IPO Opens: September 13, 2023

 IPO Closes: September 15, 2023

 Basis of Allotment: September 21, 2023

 Initiation of Refunds: September 22, 2023

 Credit of Shares to Demat: September 25, 2023

 Listing Date: September 26, 2023

 Cutoff time for UPI mandate confirmation: 5 PM on September 15, 2023


Investors should note the following lot sizes for the R R Kabel IPO:

Retail (Min): 1 lot (14 shares)  ₹14,490

Retail (Max): 13 lots (182 shares)  ₹188,370

SHNI (Min): 14 lots (196 shares)  ₹202,860

SHNI (Max): 69 lots (966 shares)  ₹999,810

BHNI (Min): 70 lots (980 shares)  ₹1,014,300



The driving force behind R R Kabel includes Tribhuvanprasad Rameshwarlal Kabra, Shreegopal Rameshwarlal Kabra, Mahendrakumar Rameshwarlal Kabra, Kirtidevi Shreegopal Kabra, Tribhuvanprasad Kabra HUF, Kabra Shreegopal Rameshwarlal HUF, and Mahendra Kumar Kabra HUF. As of the preissue stage, they collectively held 66.42% of the company’s shares, which reduced to 62.77% postissue.


Here’s a glimpse of R R Kabel’s financial performance over the past few years:

Period Ended Assets (₹ Cr.) Revenue (₹ Cr.) Profit After Tax (₹ Cr.) Net Worth (₹ Cr.) Reserves and Surplus (₹ Cr.) Total Borrowing (₹ Cr.)
31 Mar 2020 1,545.36 2,505.54 122.40 875.07 459.23 395.29
31 Mar 2021 1,715.11 2,745.94 135.40 1,033.38 594.93 498.71
31 Mar 2022 2,050.64 4,432.22 213.94 1,237.05 781.31 521.11
31 Mar 2023 2,633.62 5,633.64 189.87 1,390.47 914.15 515.84


 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

 Market Cap (₹ Cr.): 11,675.63

 Return on Equity (ROE): 14.22%

 Return on Capital Employed (ROCE): 15.57%

 Debt/Equity Ratio: 0.36

 Earnings per Share (EPS): ₹17.09

 Return on Net Worth (RoNW): 13.66%


R R Kabel Ltd. (RKL) has a rich legacy of over two decades in the Indian consumer electrical industry. In the fastmoving electrical goods (FMEG) sector, RKL stands out with a remarkable 97% of its revenue stream. Here are some noteworthy points about the company:

The fastest growing consumer electrical company in India, boasting a CAGR of 43.4% between Fiscal 2021 and Fiscal 2023.

Ranks fifth in India’s wires and cables market, capturing approximately 5% market share by value as of March 31, 2023.

Holds the fifth largest share in the branded wires and cables market in India, representing around 7% market share by value as of March 31, 2023.

 Exhibits a strong focus on business to consumer (B2C) sales, with about 74% of revenue originating from the B2C channel as of March 31, 2023.

 Recognized as one of India’s leading exporters of wires and cables in terms of value, commanding roughly 9% of the market share in 2022.

 Boasts an extensive network of electricians, covering 271,264 professionals across India as of March 31, 2023.

 Holds 35 international product certifications, reflecting its commitment to quality and safety standards.


RR Kabel’s product portfolio spans two main segments

  1. Wires and Cables: This includes house wires, industrial wires, power cables, and special cables.
  2. FMEG (Fast Moving Electrical Goods): Encompasses fans, lighting solutions, switches, and appliances.


As of June 30, 2023, the company has a widespread distribution network, featuring 3,450 distributors, 3,656 dealers, and 114,851 retailers. These channels support both B2B and B2C sales, providing flexibility and market reach. Additionally, R R Kabel is present on recognized ecommerce platforms.


RR Kabel Limited is a prominent player in the Indian consumer electrical industry, known for its quality and innovation. While it has demonstrated revenue growth, it also faces margin pressure in FY23. Investors considering the RR Kabel IPO should evaluate it for potential medium to long term rewards.


  1. Why RR Kabel IPO?

The RR Kabel IPO offers an opportunity for early investment in a leading consumer electrical company with growth potential.

  1. How is RR Kabel IPO?

Analysts and stock brokerage firms generally recommend subscribing to the R R Kabel IPO.

  1. Is RR Kabel IPO worth investing in?

Based on analysis, it’s suggested that investors may consider subscribing to the RR Kabel IPO.

  1. When will RR Kabel IPO allotment status be available?

The allotment status is expected to be available around September 21, 2023, with shares credited to demat accounts by September 25, 2023.

  1. When will RR Kabel IPO list?

The R R Kabel IPO is scheduled to list on September 26, 2023, on both BSE and NSE.




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