In this article we will provide information related to  JBM Auto Share Price Targets for 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2030.

Beyond its automotive business, JBM Auto is actively engaged in future technologies such as Electric Vehicles (EV), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Renewable Energy.

We will attempt to understand how this company is poised to perform, based on its current trajectory.




JBM Auto operates in the sheet metal components, tools, dies & moulds, and bus manufacturing segments of the automotive industry.

The company is also rapidly expanding into areas like EV, AI, and Renewable Energy. Since 2018, it has been manufacturing Advance Buses designed to operate effectively in various geographical conditions.


Due to continuous technological updates, the company is consistently receiving orders for its buses. Currently, JBM Auto has a substantial order book of over 1500 buses.

 Notably, they have recently secured an order for 200 Electric buses from the Delhi Government.


With the growing demand for JBM Auto’s products, it can be inferred that the company is well on its way to substantial business growth.

In the short term, this could translate to a significant stock price target, with the first target being around Rs 850. Upon achieving this target, the second target could potentially be set at Rs 880.




In the field of auto component manufacturing, JBM Auto is a major player worldwide. The company operates in 10 countries across the globe.

In India, it has 16 manufacturing plants, most of which are strategically located around prominent automobile manufacturers like Ford, Renault, Mahindra, Nissan, and others.

This positioning allows the company to reap significant benefits in terms of auto component sales.Recently, JBM Auto invested around INR 700 crores to expand its bus manufacturing capacity.

This investment is expected to enable JBM Auto to manufacture around 6500 buses annually. As the company scales up its manufacturing capacity, it is likely that its business will continue to thrive, which should be reflected in its stock price.


With the expanding production capacity, JBM Auto Share Price Target for 2024 could be quite promising.

The first target might be approximately Rs 1000, and upon reaching this, investors may look forward to a second target of around Rs 1050.




JBM Auto consistently invests in Research & Development to incorporate advanced technology and innovation into its business.

Over the past few years, the company has successfully established a strong position in the Electric Vehicle segment by utilizing advanced technology.


The company continues to collaborate with Micro vast, a company known for manufacturing fast-charging batteries.

This partnership is expected to enhance JBM Auto’s batteries, making them more efficient. If JBM Auto continues to improve its battery technology for electric vehicles, it is likely to face stiff competition in the commercial vehicle sector.


With JBM Auto’s focus on staying technologically updated and its commitment to maintaining high-quality products, the JBM Auto Share Price Target for 2025 might reach around Rs 1250.

Subsequently, investors could anticipate a second target of Rs 1280.




JBM Auto’s reputation for producing high-quality automotive components has helped it build a significant customer base.

Their clients include prominent names like Ashok Leyland, Daimler, Nissan, Renault, Tata, Honda, Escorts, Mahindra, and many others.

Having a substantial customer base has greatly benefited JBM Auto, particularly in the commercial vehicle sector.


The company is expected to further strengthen its existing customer relationships and attract new clients by continually improving the quality of its products.

Consequently, JBM Auto has been making substantial investments to achieve these goals.


As JBM Auto’s customer base continues to grow and the company invests in research and development, it is poised for impressive business growth.

With an expanding customer base, JBM Auto Share Price Target for 2026 could see the first target at around Rs 1500, with a second target of approximately Rs 1550.



As you observe JBM Auto’s business over an extended period, the company is consistently involved in various future-focused business segments like Electric Vehicles, Artificial Intelligence, and Renewable Energy, where significant growth opportunities are emerging.

The company is also actively engaged in partnerships with other companies, reflecting its commitment to work alongside industry peers.


In the Renewable Energy segment, the company has established a subsidiary named JBL Solar, which is currently working on a 100 MW solar power project.

Due to its diversified presence across different business segments, the company has multiple revenue streams, which augur well for its future growth prospects.


Considering the opportunities in the long term, it appears that JBM Auto has the potential to provide shareholders with substantial returns.

A target share price of around 3500 INR seems achievable by 2030.


JBM Auto Share Price Target for Various Years:

 First Target 2023: Rs 850

 Second Target 2023: Rs 880

 First Target 2024: Rs 1000

 Second Target 2024: Rs 1050

 First Target 2025: Rs 1250

 Second Target 2025: Rs 1280

 First Target 2026: Rs 1500

 Second Target 2026: Rs 1550

 Target for 2030: Rs 3500




JBM Auto is making strategic moves to drive its business forward in a direction that presents significant opportunities for growth.

Its continuous efforts to stay ahead in technology, compared to its competitors, are indicative of a bright future. JBM Auto is likely to emerge as a prominent player in its business segments.


Additionally, the company’s long term and strong relationships with various companies in the automotive sector position it favorably to benefit from the increasing demand in the auto industry.




As JBM Auto expands its business, it faces increasing competition, particularly in the Electric Vehicle segment. This heightened competition may pose a risk to the company’s market share in the future.


Furthermore, the company’s continuous increase in debt to expand its business raises concerns. Inability to manage its debt effectively in the future could negatively impact its business.




JBM Auto possesses both risks and opportunities in its business. With a strong presence in various segments and favorable industry growth, it is advisable to keep an eye on JBM Auto shares for potential investments.

However, it’s crucial to seek financial advice from an expert before making any investment decisions.



 What is the outlook for JBM Auto shares in the future?

    The company’s future depends on the strategic decisions made by its management, which focuses on advancing its business with new technologies. The outlook is promising given its proactive approach.


 Is JBM Auto a debt free company?

    No, the company has a considerable amount of debt, which has been increasing over time.


 Will JBM Auto be able to compete with other companies in the future?

    In today’s highly competitive business landscape, the future of JBM Auto depends on its ability to make the right decisions to stay ahead in terms of technology and business strategy.

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JBM Auto is a company that is increasingly focused on the future, especially in areas like EV and AI. Its strong position in the automotive industry and commitment to innovation make it a promising investment for those looking for potential growth and earnings.


I hope that this article on JBM Auto Share Price Target 2030 provides you with insights into the company’s potential future performance. If you have any further questions or concerns about stocks related to the stock market, please feel free to comment below.

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