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In this article you get to know about Dhanlaxmi bank locker charges/rent. This article is written after referring locker charges mentioned in Dhanlaxmi Bank official website and reading more than 3 articles related to Dhanlaxmi Bank locker charges. These charges is based on type of locker small, medium, large, extra-large (Type A to Type H).


Locker Rent – Revised Rates (w.e.f. 1st January 2023):


 A Type: 1700

 B Type: 2300

 C Type: 2500

 D Type: 3300

 E Type: 3800

 F Type: 5300

 G Type: 7000

 H Type: 11000


 A Type: 1200

 B Type: 1800

 C Type: 2000

 D Type: 2500

 E Type: 3300

 F Type: 5100

 G Type: 6500

 H Type: 10500

All the above charges are excluding GST.

Locker access more than 2 times in a month will be chargeable @Rs.100+GST per access.


When it comes to safeguarding your valuable possessions, Dhanlaxmi Bank’s safe deposit lockers emerge as an essential and reliable service. With a commitment to offering secure storage, the bank’s strong rooms provide a 24-hour protective haven for your cherished belongings.

1. Fair Allotment Principles:

At Dhanlaxmi Bank, we believe in fairness and operate on a “first come first served” basis when it comes to allotting lockers to our esteemed customers. Lockers are exclusively meant for personal use, and commercial entities must confirm non-commercial purposes before availing of these facilities.

2. Renting Process Simplified:

To rent a locker, customers must undergo a proper introduction to the bank. The rules and regulations governing Safe Deposit Lockers are communicated to hirers, and a duly filled application form is required for the rental process. Lockers can be rented individually or jointly, with specific instructions for access in the case of partnership firms or limited companies.

3. Rental Payments and Caution Deposit:

Locker rents are payable annually in advance, with payment collections made in January. To ensure security, Dhanlaxmi Bank implemented a Caution Deposit system in June 2003. Hirers are required to deposit an amount equal to 10 years’ rent as a caution deposit, held as a Fixed Deposit for 3 years. The caution deposit can be utilized for unpaid rent or incidental expenses upon proper authorization.

4. Daily Operations:

Access to lockers is granted only after verifying the renter’s signature in the Daily Access Register. Accompanying a third party is permitted at the Branch Manager’s discretion. However, lockers with rental arrears are restricted until dues are settled.

5. Securing the Master Key:

The Master Key of the lockers remains under the control of the Branch Manager to enhance security measures.

6. Nomination and Handling of Demise:

Dhanlaxmi Bank strictly follows the nomination rules prescribed by the Banking Regulation Act, 1949, and Banking Companies (Nomination) Rules, 1985. Customers have the option to nominate individuals, including non-residents, who can access the locker in the event of their demise. In case of the hirer’s unfortunate passing, access to the locker is granted to the nominee or legal heirs after fulfilling necessary formalities.


With transparent policies and a dedicated commitment to safety, Dhanlaxmi Bank ensures that your prized possessions are kept under the highest protection. Our safe deposit locker services provide peace of mind and security for all our valued customers, making us the preferred choice for safeguarding their treasures. Locker charges in Dhanlaxmi Bank ranges between Rs 1,200+GST to Rs 11,000+GST.If you have any query regarding this locker charges kindly comment below.  




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