This article provides an overview of this leadership succession at Genpact New CEO and highlights the backgrounds and contributions of both Tyagarajan and Kalra.

Genpact, a prominent global professional services firm, has recently unveiled its leadership succession plan. This plan involves the retirement of Genpact’s President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), NV ‘Tiger’ Tyagarajan, on February 9, 2024.

In this significant transition, the Genpact board has appointed Balkrishan ‘BK’ Kalra to assume the position of CEO.




The forthcoming retirement of NV Tyagarajan, who has served as the President and CEO of Genpact, marks a significant transition for the company.

His retirement, effective February 9, 2024, will conclude a tenure characterized by substantial growth and the transformation of Genpact into a recognized industry leader. Under Tyagarajan’s leadership, the company achieved annual revenue of over $4.3 billion in 2022, making it a formidable force in the professional services sector.

Tyagarajan took the helm as CEO in 2011, and over the years, he played a pivotal role in leveraging data and technology to enhance Genpact’s client service capabilities.




To succeed NV Tyagarajan as CEO, the Genpact board has appointed Balkrishan ‘BK’ Kalra. Kalra, currently serving as Genpact’s Global Business Leader for Financial Services and Consumer & Healthcare, brings more than 30 years of experience to his new role.

Throughout his career, Kalra has demonstrated expertise in guiding companies from their early stages to becoming formidable global enterprises, competing on a worldwide scale.

His accomplishments include leading Genpact’s global transformation efforts across diverse industries such as banking, capital markets, consumer goods, retail, life sciences, and healthcare.

In this capacity, Kalra has focused on helping organizations harness the potential of technology and AI-enabled solutions to enhance their operations and competitiveness.




James Madden, Chairman of Genpact’s Board of Directors, expressed confidence in BK Kalra’s ability to lead Genpact into a new era.

Madden emphasized Kalra’s strategic vision and his deep understanding of Genpact’s clients and its overall business. He noted that Kalra recognizes the significance of investing in emerging trends and technologies, particularly Genpact’s efforts in the realms of advanced analytics and AI-enabled solutions.

With these qualities, Kalra is poised to guide Genpact as it embarks on a new chapter.




In light of the leadership transition, James Madden extended his appreciation to NV Tyagarajan on behalf of the Genpact board and the entire organization.

Tyagarajan’s 12-year tenure at Genpact was characterized by remarkable achievements. Under his leadership, Genpact grew into a robust, diverse, and globally-oriented firm.

Tyagarajan’s strategic focus on prioritized verticals, geographic markets, and services facilitated Genpact’s emergence as a recognized industry leader.

The board looks forward to Tyagarajan’s continued contributions as a member of Genpact’s Board of Directors.




The leadership transition at Genpact signifies a momentous shift in the company’s trajectory.

As NV Tyagarajan retires from his role as President and CEO, Genpact welcomes Balkrishan ‘BK’ Kalra, a seasoned professional with a deep understanding of the industries and clients Genpact serves.

With Kalra’s strategic vision and extensive experience, Genpact anticipates continued growth and success as it forges ahead into the future.

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