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The internet has brought marvelous changes to our lives, making things easier and more convenient. Online banking services are a prime example of this transformation. In the past, we had to visit the bank and fill out paperwork for various transactions.

Now, with the help of user friendly mobile apps, we can transfer money, make deposits, and much more from the comfort of our homes.


Banks are always looking for ways to make banking more convenient for their customers. One of the essential services they provide is the bank statement.

In the old days, you would have to go to the bank to get a printed statement. But now, it’s as simple as opening a PDF file. With the SBI mobile app, you can quickly access your bank statement.

Lets elaborate on each of these steps to access your SBI bank statement via your mobile app or online banking:

Log In:

To begin, open your SBI mobile app on your smartphone, or if you prefer, visit the official SBI online banking website using your web browser on a computer.

You will log in to your State Bank of India account. If you are using the mobile app, this usually involves entering your username and password. If you’re using the website, you’ll also have to provide your login credentials.

Select ‘Statements’:

Once you’re logged in, navigate to the lefthand side menu on either the mobile app or the website.

Look for the option labelled ‘Statements’ and click on it. This will take you to the section where you can access your bank statements.

Choose Your Account:

After clicking on ‘Statements,’ you’ll typically see a list of your linked bank accounts. Choose the specific account for which you want to access the bank statement.

It is essential to select the correct account, especially if you have multiple accounts with the bank.

Select the Statement Period:

Now, you will need to specify the time frame for the bank statement you want to access. You can usually do this by selecting a specific date or a predefined time frame (e.g., last month, last six months, last year).

Ensure that you choose the correct period to get the statement you need.

 Download as PDF:

Once you have selected the account and statement period, you will notice an option at the top of the page that allows you to download the statement.

Click on this option, and a dialog box may appear, asking you to specify the file format for the download. Choose the PDF format.

Save as PDF:

After selecting the PDF format, your bank statement will be prepared for download. After that you need to save it to your device.

Right click on the statement you wish to download (or follow the equivalent action on your mobile app). A menu will appear with various options, including ‘Save as PDF.’

Click on ‘Save as PDF,’ and the statement will be automatically saved to your mobile device or computer.

Upon completing these steps, your bank statement is securely saved in PDF format on your chosen device. Now, to access and view the statement, you’ll need to enter the required password.

To enhance your security and protect your personal information, many banks, including SBI, password protect their PDF bank statements. In this case, you’ll typically use your 11digit SBI account number (without the ‘0’ prefix) as the password.

These simple steps make it quick and easy to access your SBI bank statement and manage your financial records effectively, all from the convenience of your mobile app or online banking platform.


SBI and some other banks protect their files with a password to enhance the security of your information. Initially, figuring out the password might be a bit confusing.

For the PDF bank statement on your mobile device, the password is simply your 11digit SBI account number. SBI customers can download statements in PDF format for the past year.

To open your downloaded bank statement in PDF format, enter your 11digit account number as the password, excluding the prefix ‘0’.


SBI account statements are also protected with a password. To access the PDF file, you’ll need the password, which is the last five digits of your registered mobile number and your date of birth (DOB) in DDMMYY format, as registered with the bank.

For example, if your mobile number is XXXXX57427 and your DOB is December 10, 1960, the password would be 57427101260.


If you were to request a bank statement at the bank’s counter, you might be charged a fee, like INR 100 or 150. However, with the bank’s mobile app or online banking services, you can download your statement for free.

By following this straightforward process to open your PDF bank statement, you can easily review your transaction records from the past year.

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