Transferring money from Paytm to PhonePe is a straight forward process. Follow the step-by-step guide below to perform this transaction seamlessly.



Paytm is a widely used digital wallet and payment platform that offers various services, including bill payments. However, you may find it convenient to transfer money to your PhonePe account for different transactions or to access specific services.



Follow these simple steps to transfer money from your Paytm account to PhonePe:


 Step 1: Open the PhonePe Application


On your Android device, locate the PhonePe application with its distinctive blue icon featuring the word “pay” in Hindi. This icon represents the PhonePe application.


 Step 2: Access Your Profile


 After opening the PhonePe application, you will encounter your profile picture or a blank space if you haven’t set a profile photo. Tap on this area to access the settings of the PhonePe application.


 Step 3: Navigate to ‘My BHIM UPI ID’


 Within the settings, you’ll see various options, including “My QR code,” “My BHIM UPI ID,” “My Addresses,” and more. To proceed, tap on “My BHIM UPI ID.”


 Step 4: Copy Your BHIM UPI ID


 Your BHIM UPI ID will be displayed on the screen. Make sure to remember this UPI ID as you’ll need it for the transfer. You can also copy the BHIM UPI ID for your convenience.


 Step 5: Open the Paytm Application


Launch the Paytm application by tapping on the white logo with “paytm” written on it.


 Step 6: Select ‘UPI’


 Within the Paytm application, navigate to the top options to locate and select “UPI.”


Step 7: Choose ‘Money Transfer’


To transfer money from Paytm to PhonePe, tap on the “Money Transfer” option. Note that you can also use Paytm to request money from other users by selecting the “Request Money” option.


 Step 8: Enter the Bank Account No./UPI ID


 To initiate the transfer, enter the UPI ID that you copied from the PhonePe application. Tap and hold in the input box to access the paste option, then select “paste.” Alternatively, you can manually enter the UPI ID if you have it memorized.


 Step 9: Proceed


Once you’ve entered the UPI ID and confirmed its accuracy, tap on the “Proceed” option located just below the UPI ID input box.


 Step 10: Enter the Amount


 In the designated input box, enter the amount you wish to transfer to your PhonePe account. Tap on the amount box and input the desired sum.


 Step 11: Proceed


 After entering the transfer amount, tap on the “Proceed” option located at the bottom of the page.


 Step 12: Confirm Money Transfer


 To confirm the transfer, tap on the “Confirm Money Transfer” option at the bottom of the page. Ensure that all the details are correct before proceeding.


 Step 13: Enter Your UPI PIN


You will be prompted to enter your UPI PIN to authorize the payment. You can tap on the “SHOW” button to display the PIN while entering it.


 Step 14: Transaction Success


 After successfully completing the payment, you will receive a confirmation message indicating that the money transfer was successful. A green tick mark usually accompanies this message.


 Step 15: Open the PhonePe Application


 To access the funds in your PhonePe account, open the PhonePe application. Simply tap on the blue coloured icon to launch the app.


 Step 16: Select ‘Wallet Topup’


 Within the PhonePe app, navigate to the “Money transfers” section, and select the “Wallet Top up” option.


 Step 17: Enter the Amount


Input the exact amount you previously transferred from your Paytm account to your PhonePe wallet. Ensure that the amount matches the one you entered in the Paytm app.


 Step 18: Choose the Payment Method


 Tap on the “BHIM UPI” tab to access the list of accounts linked to your PhonePe application. Select the account from which you want to complete the payment.


 Step 19: Tap on ‘Top up Wallet’


 Finally, after selecting your preferred payment method, tap on the “TOPUP Wallet” option located at the bottom of the page.


 Step 20: Proceed


 A confirmation popup message will appear. To continue with the payment, tap on the “Proceed” option after reviewing the message.


 Step 21: Enter the UPI PIN


 Enter your UPI PIN to finalize the payment. You can tap the “SHOW” button to display the PIN as you enter it.


 Step 22: Transaction Successful


Upon successfully completing the payment, you will receive a “Transaction Successful” message within the PhonePe application.


Now, you can utilize the transferred funds within your PhonePe account for various transactions, such as bill payments or purchases from merchants. Keep in mind that funds transferred to the PhonePe wallet cannot be withdrawn back to your bank account, so exercise caution when topping up your wallet.



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