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At Capital Finserve, offers a wide range of loans tailored to individuals from various backgrounds, including earning individuals, self-employed professionals, business owners, and students. Our Gold Loan scheme provides the perfect solution to meet your major financial needs, such as immediate medical expenses, property investments, education costs, wedding expenses, car purchases, and capital requirements for your business. We believe in the importance of financial inclusion and the development of the local economy, which in turn contributes to the growth of our nation. With our gold loan scheme, we are committed to supporting the needs and aspirations of the common man.


The Capital Finserve Group is built upon the trust of our customers and guided by our core values of integrity, morality, virtuousness, and supremacy. Since our establishment in 1994 as Associate Hire Purchase and Credits Limited in Muvattupuzha, with a capital of 50 Crores, we have grown our industry by earning the trust and support of our customers. Our commitment to the well-being of society and our customers’ aspirations defines our group.


Capital Finserve takes pride in being one of India’s most reputed and acknowledged NBFC registered finance groups, recognized by the Government of India. With a legacy spanning 25 years, we have expanded our reach with 11 branches across three districts in Kerala. We are dedicated to serving the thousands of individuals who approach us, ensuring the most efficient and effective solutions to their financial needs. Our range of loan schemes includes Gold Loans, Business Loans, Affordable Housing Loans, Two-Wheeler Loans, Auto Loans, Domestic Loans, Student Loans, and various other services. We strive to be the one-stop solution for all financial requirements, backed by our experienced and dedicated staff.


Easy accessibility: Capital finserves are designed to be easily accessible to all eligible individuals.

Flexible repayment and tenures: We offer flexible repayment options and tenures, ensuring convenience for our customers.

Mandatory ID papers: We require all necessary identification papers from applicants for a smooth loan application process.

Competitive interest rates: Capital finserves come with reasonable interest rates, ensuring affordability and value for our customers.

Secured gold storage: We prioritize the safety and security of your gold assets.


To avail of capital finserve schemes, the following eligibility criteria and documents are required:

Financials: Salary slips for the last three months.

Bank Statements: Salary account bank statements for the past six months.

Employment Proof: Employee ID Card.

Identity Proof: Passport/Voter ID/Driving License/PAN Card.

Address Proof: Passport/Driving License/Ration Card/Letter from employer (with HR/Admin undersigned)/Latest mobile bill.


Scheme 1: Loans sanctioned up to 50% of market value

Minimum interest of 7 days or 24% interest for the actual period (subject to a minimum of 3 days), whichever is lower.

Scheme 2: Agricultural Loan – 50% of market value up to Rs. 20,000/-

Minimum interest of 7 days or 24% interest for the actual period (subject to a minimum of 3 days), whichever is lower.

Scheme 3: Loans up to 75% of market value

Minimum interest of 7 days or 24% interest for the actual period (subject to a minimum of 3 days), whichever is lower.


At Capital Finserve, they offer Vyapar Mitra Loans, specifically designed to cater to the financial needs of business owners and emerging entrepreneurs. Our business loans aim to help you achieve your aspirations, supported by our reliable services, core values, and secure loan schemes. With a deep understanding of your business-related financial requirements, we take pride in being your go-to solution for immediate financial emergencies.

Key Features and Benefits:

Loan Amount:

Under the Vyapar Mitra scheme, you can avail a loan amount equivalent to 75% of the market value (as communicated by our Head Office from time to time). This ensures you have access to substantial funds to fuel your business growth.

Interest Rate:

Enjoy the advantage of a flat interest rate of 10% throughout the loan tenure. This transparent interest rate structure allows for better financial planning.

Loan Amount Range:

Our loan scheme offers a minimum loan amount of Rs. 10,000/-, with multiples of Rs. 5,000/- available. The maximum loan amount that can be sanctioned under this scheme is Rs. 200,000/-. This wide range caters to different business requirements.

Flexible Loan Tenure:

You have the flexibility to choose between a 12-month or 24-month loan tenure. The loan amount will be remitted on a daily basis, ensuring convenient repayment options.

Monthly Installments:

To simplify the repayment process, you are required to remit monthly installments with interest on or before the 30th day of each month. This systematic approach allows for better financial management.

Premature Loan Closure:

Should you wish to close the loan before the specified tenure, premature closure is possible with an 18% interest charge from the date of sanction, provided it is done within 60 days.

Default and Overdue Conditions:

In the event of default exceeding 60 days, the loan will automatically switch to the normal gold loan scheme, subject to interest rates of 21%, 24%, and 27%, depending on the loan period. Additionally, for default overdue, an additional interest of 24% shall be collected for the overdue amount.

Daily Collection Basis:

We offer the convenience of daily collection remittance, with a minimum collection amount of Rs. 500 or more. This allows for regular repayment and better financial discipline.

Eligibility and Document Requirements:

To apply for Vyapar Mitra Loans, you need to fulfill the following eligibility criteria and submit the necessary documents:

Financials: Income proof of the last three months.

Bank Statements: Bank statement covering the last six months.

Employment Proof: Valid Employee ID Card.

Identity Proof: Any of the following documents – Passport, Voter’s ID, Driving License, or PAN Card.

Address Proof: Any of the following documents – Passport, Driving License, Ration Card, Letter from employer (with HR/Admin undersigned), or Latest mobile bill.

In addition to Vyapar Mitra Loans, Capital Finserve also provides short-term loan options, ensuring a comprehensive range of financial solutions for your business.

Choose Capital Finserve for your business financing needs and experience the difference. Our dedicated team is here to support your business growth and ensure your financial stability. Contact us today to explore our Vyapar Mitra Loan and other tailored financial services.


Its having legacy of 25 years, Capital Finserve is the key to helping you achieve your financial goals and happiness. They are dedicated to providing excellent services and being the trusted partner for all your financial needs. Contact today and experience the Capital Finserve difference.





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